Saturday, January 7, 2012

Former satanist explains occult symbols in everyday life

There is hope for everyone.  Stephen Dollins was a former satanist high priest.  He didn't know that God was there for him.  Then, he found out that satan wouldn't stand by him in his times of need, even though he was a loyal follower.  Satan doesn't care about us.  He is miserable.  He wants us to be miserable like he is miserable.  We need to be offensive to the devil and loyal to God.  With God ALL things are possible.  It is even possible for sinners, even former followers of the devil, to come to Jesus and be saved.

Stephen Dollins, a former worshiper of satan, exposes the occult symbology in everyday life.  He says that there is much occult symbology in your own home and you may not even know it's there.  Learn more here:

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